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Barnum Cast List 

Phineas Taylor Barnum - Gary Stirewalt
Chairy Barnum - Carmen Deese
Joice Heath - Tori Stern
Tom Thumb - Jackson Kannoy
Jenny Lind - Abagayle Younts
Blues Singer - Ashley Pearson
Ringmaster/James a Bailey and More - Mark Kaley
Julius Goldschmidt and More - Nathan Oakley
Josh Kellum-Wilton and More

Chorus and Circus: 
Samantha Absher
Brody Absher
Kaitlyn Bliss
Christine Fisher
Harper Kaley
Laney Kaley
Lorin Kaley
Zach Spano
Sabre Spano
Bella Graves-Spano
Miranda Peterson
David Levine
Noah Levine
Ryelin Emerson Brown
Celia Smith
Ben Smith
Sophia Dubon
Alexis Bennet
Rose Mosquera
Maddie Barrett