Greensboro Skate Parks

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Man skateboarding at Glenwood Skate SpotGlenwood Skate Spot 

2010 Coliseum Blvd., Glenwood Recreation Center (Directions to Glenwood Skate Spot)

Hours: Open dawn to dusk
Features: 4,000-square-feet concrete, pole jam, rail, quarter pipe, bank wall
Users: skate boards, bikes, inline skates, scooters

Latham Skate Park  

Latham Skate Park790 Hill St., between the Latham Park Greenway and the Greenhill Cemetery (Directions to Latham Skate Park)
Hours: Open dawn to dusk
Features: 10,000-square-feet concrete park with an eight foot flow bowl, a vert wall, an A-frame, rails, a "snow plow", boxes, hubba ledges and more. 
Users: skate boards, bikes, inline skates, scooters 

Skate Park Rules

Glenwood Skate Spot and Latham Skate Park are not staffed. The City expects all ages to: 
  • Wear helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads
  • Have fun, this place is awesome
  • Help each other out; don’t be a jerk
  • Realize that skateboards + scooters + bikes at once don’t mix; please take turns
  • Remember that falling is part of the process.

Wearing a helmet plus elbow and knee pads is required by the City of Greensboro Code of Ordinance Section 19-3 when using the Glenwood Skate Spot or Latham Skate Park. Violators are subject to a fine of up to $25.

Help keep our parks clean and if you see any need for repairs, please call 336-373-2489.
If you want to reserve this park all to yourself for an event, party or class, contact us at 336-373-2558.