Community Sustainability Council

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Greensboro's Community Sustainability Council (CSC) was created by the City Council in 2008 as an advisory group to City Council. Its mission is to research, advocate, coordinate, and provide outreach for local measures for these results:

  • Reduce energy usage and carbon dioxide emissions
  • Identify the costs of implementation and possible funding strategies
  • Monitor the progress and effectiveness of measures adopted by the Greensboro City Council

Learn more about the CSC.

SkylinesMeetings - The CSC holds all of its formal meetings from 3-5 pm in the Plaza Level Conference Room of the Melvin Municipal Office Building, unless an alternate time and/or location is announced. Please refer to our annual Meeting Schedule for dates. Meetings are open to the public.

Review CSC meeting agendas and minutes.

Work Sessions - In addition to its scheduled official meetings, CSC also holds informal work sessions from 3-5 pm on the second Monday of months with no formal meeting scheduled. These sessions are held at HQ Greensboro, 111 W. Lewis St. Just as with official CSC meetings, CSC's informal work sessions are open to the public.

Mayors' National Climate Action Agenda

In June 2017, Mayor Nancy Vaughan joined the Mayors' National Climate Action Agenda, expressing Greensboro's commitment to local actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support efforts for binding federal and global-level policymaking. Read more.

CDP Cities

In May 2017, Greensboro submitted for the first time a compilation of climate- and sustainability-related information to the CDP Cities program. CDP is a global nonprofit that collects such information and manages a publicly accessible data portal showcasing the efforts of cities and corporations worldwide to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the impacts of climate change. Read a summary of Greensboro's 2017 submission to CDP Cities.

Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory

Greensboro City Council accepted the Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) in 2011.

Summary of SAP Implementation Progress - March 2012
Summary of SAP Implementation Progress - February 2016

In March 2015, the CSC presented an update of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory during a City Council work session. The update examined the period from 2007-13 and found that overall, Greensboro's carbon footprint shrank by nearly 20 percent, although this decrease was attributable to both favorable and unfavorable trends in the City over that period.