Greensboro Population & Statistics

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 Review this glossary of terms
 commonly used in our reports and an 

 appendix to the latest report.

Latest Data News - January

Read the City's latest annual report on growth and
development trends.

GIS Map Thumbnail - PovertyAlso, visit this interactive map that displays poverty rates across Greensboro by census tract.

Demographic Data and Reports 

The reports below make use of several federal, state, and local data sources, including the US Census Bureau, North Carolina State Data Center, and ESRI Community Analyst. The primary data source for each document is noted below in parentheses. Please note, demographic and population estimates from different data sources may not be comparable.2017 Fact Sheet

Economic and Community Indicators

A community indicator is a type of data that provides insight into the overall social, economic, and environmental conditions and trends present in a community.

Housing Information