Hickory Trails

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Serving Hickory Trails in Police Division 3, Zone 320

Hickory Trails   rg sigmon   TODD, R.B. DIV PIX
       Location                                                     Capt. Sigmon               Sgt. R.B. Todd
4219-D Romaine St.
Greensboro, NC 27407

MURPHY, J.R.-Hickory TrailsOfficer J. Murphy

Also with GPD since 2009, Officer Murphy’s focus as a PNRC officer is to help provide a higher quality of life for residents, keep narcotics out of the community, make senior citizen and child safety vital to everyone, identify crime trends and patterns, and help provide solutions to residents' problems. 

"I enjoy getting to know our residents. It has been very fulfilling watching the relationships grow strong between the residents living in the Greensboro Housing Authority and my fellow officers," Murphy says. "My job is very rewarding knowing I’m a part of helping our young children develop into smart and responsible young adults.”

His words of advice to the community are to take ownership of the neighborhood. "If there are problems or issues going on around your neighborhood, use all of your available resources to resolve them. The police are here to help you in any way we can." he says "As an officer, I feel like you can teach me as much about your community as I can teach you. With the citizens and police working as a team, we will see our quality of life continue to rise for years to come.”