Yellow Dot Program

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Yellow Dot ProgramThe Greensboro Police Department has partnered with the Guilford County Sheriff's Office and Emergency Services to adopt the Yellow Dot Program, which helps first responders more quickly treat residents during an emergency.

To participate, residents fill out an Emergency Information Sheet 
with emergency medical information and photos of themselves. They then place a copy of the sheet in their vehicle glove compartment and their home refrigerator, and put a yellow dot sticker on the back left window of their vehicle and on the front door of a home. 

Yellow Dot Program Kits can also be picked up at the following locations:

Guilford County Sheriff's
400 W. Washington St.


Melvin Municipal Office Building
Police Administration 
300 W. Washington St.


 J. Edward Kitchen
Operations Center
(Patrol Division 2)
2602 S. Elm-Eugene St.

 Patrol Division 4
1106 Maple St.


Patrol Division 3
300 S. Swing Rd.


Public Safety Training Facility
1510 N. Church St.

Patrol Division 1
100 Police Plaza

The yellow dots let first responders know that important medical information is available and where it can be found during an automobile accident, after an in-home injury or in response to an illness – all time sensitive situations. Often during an emergency, people are injured or in shock and cannot communicate personal medical information emergency personnel need to know, nor do they have a family member present who can relay that information. With Yellow Dot, the Emergency Information Sheet does the communicating for them.

Emergency Information Sheets for people suffering from dementia, Alzheimer's, autism and cognitive impairments can also be submitted to the Sheriff's Office so they can be added to Guilford Metro 9-1-1’s database. This allows dispatchers to let first responders know about these conditions before arriving on the scene.

The Yellow Dot Program, originally started in Connecticut in 2002, is a free service to residents and does not require any application process.


Yellow Dot Brochure
Yellow Dot Emergency Information Sheet