Traffic Signs & Markings

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The Signs and Markings Division of the Greensboro Department of Transportation fabricates, installs, and maintains an inventory of 90,000 regulatory, warning and directional traffic signs. During an average year, 2,500 new signs are installed.

Pavement parkingAll traffic signs are made with high performance retro-reflective sheeting and placed in accordance with uniform local, state, and national standards. The average life span of a sign is 10-15 years, depending on type and location. Annually, the sign shop manufactures more than 5,000 signs. This includes specialty signs for various internal departments throughout the City of Greensboro.

Traffic Markings

The Signs and Markings Division also installs and maintains 450 miles of longitudinal and transverse pavement markings. This is accomplished using a combination of thermoplastic, water-based paints, and cold applied tapes. Thermoplastic markings generally last four to seven years while water-based traffic paints generally last only 12 to 18 months.

All streets with painted longitudinal lines are re-stripped annually, while streets with thermoplastic markings are re-stripped as needed. The City uses private contractors for pavement marking removal.

Traffic markingTraffic Control

The Signs and Markings Division provides assistance to other departments and agencies with traffic control for special events, construction work zones, street detours, etc.

To report a missing, damaged, or vandalized sign, or to request a new sign installation, call 336-373-CITY (2489). 

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