Mackay Road

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An Information Workshop was held on the Mackay Road Improvement Project. Your input is needed before February 20 on the design plans, which are 50 percent completed.

Project Update

A study has been completed on Mackay Road between Adams Farm Parkway and High Point Road on ways to improve vehicle and pedestrian safety and vehicle capacity. This project involves adding turn lanes, monolithic islands, and sidewalks for pedestrian safety. 

Recommended Improvements: 

  • Widening to a five-lane section
  • Adding sidewalks along both sides of Mackay Road
  • Installing a four-foot concrete monolithic island to the High Point Road approach
  • Adding dual left-turn lanes onto High Point Road and on Adams Farm Parkway onto Mackay Road
  • Marking extra storage lengths for various turn lanes.

Anticipated Schedule

    Begin Design - Spring 2017
    First Public Meeting - Fall 2017
    Second Public Meeting - Spring 2018
    Begin Right-of-Way Acquisition - Summer 2018
    Begin Construction - Spring 2019
    End Construction - Fall 2019

If you have any questions or input about the project, please contact Deniece Conway.