Where do your stormwater dollars go?

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Because so much of our land is now paved, built-upon or covered, rainwater that can’t be absorbed into the ground becomes stormwater runoff. The runoff travels through storm drains and pipe systems until it reaches Greensboro’s lakes and streams.

The Stormwater Management Division, part of the Water Resources Department, is responsible for carrying out a comprehensive stormwater management program. Your stormwater fees are based on the amount of impervious area on a property, such as rooftops, driveways, parking lots, and paved and gravel surfaces.

More than half of the stormwater fees collected are used to maintain and upgrade storm drainage infrastructure and to fund a large portion of the street cleaning, litter patrol, and loose leaf collection efforts. Removal of litter and leaves from City streets helps ensure that these items stay out of the storm drains and the City's water system. Although the City’s Field Operations crews handle drainage system maintenance, street cleaning, litter patrol and loose leaf collection, these services are primarily funded by stormwater fees. 

The fees are also used to help the Stormwater Management Division determine those areas of the city that are most vulnerable to flooding and drainage problems, identify solutions and aid in tracking spills and other sources of pollution to local waters. They ensure that pollution removal devices are used on commercial properties and routinely test the water quality in our creeks and lakes to find sources of pollution.

Greensboro's Stormwater Management fee is among the lowest cost municipal stormwater programs in the country relative to our size and the services we offer. The division is often contacted by others interested in learning about its unique and cost-effective approaches to stormwater management.

Learn more about Stormwater Management, or call the City Contact Center at 336-373-CITY (2489).