Mitchell Water Treatment Plant Shutdown

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We are currently constructing a new one million gallon (mg) clear well reservoir at the Mitchell Water Treatment Plant. The project began in November 2015. Recently, a leak that was hampering foundation construction for the new reservoir was traced back to a crack in a 42-inch line from the filter plant. The project cannot move forward until this line is repaired and the remaining lines and valves are replaced. As a result, the Mitchell plant will need to be off-line for up to four weeks to facilitate these repairs.

System Capacity

As part of the planning process to complete repairs to the cracked line, flow and demand computer modeling were completed. The results demonstrate that the maximum finished water demand anticipated at this time of year can be met by the Townsend Water Treatment Plant and our interconnected water system partners.  

Challenges and Contingencies

  • Fire Demand for Downtown – 11 mg will be held back at the Mitchell plant/Lake Daniel Reservoir to meet downtown or other high-demand needs on the distribution system
  • Fire Demand for Tank Farm and Airport – The Colfax Booster Station, with capability of moving 3 mgd from Winston-Salem, will be on standby
  • Large Water Main Breaks – Valve operations on pressure zone boundaries can be operated strategically to move water from one zone to another. Purchased water supplier increase in flow is also an option depending on the location of the need.
  • Pump Failure at Lake Townsend Plant or Purchase Water Supplier – The distribution system can be maintained with alternate pumps. An increase in purchase water flow could be used to make up the losses.
  • Water Aesthetics – Customers may see a temporary discoloration of water coming from their faucets. The discoloration is not harmful in any way and can be cleared up by running the water for a few minutes. 

Meanwhile, Water Resources and the Greensboro Fire Department are collaborating on emergency management plans and communications.

Project updates will be posted on the City's website home page and distributed to local media outlets.