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The City of Greensboro Cemeteries Division has overseen the operation of City cemeteries for more than 130 years. Today, the Division operates four public cemeteries and provides a variety of services, including interments, pre-arranged services, perpetual care, security fencing, and routine patrols by the Greensboro Police Department. The City Cemeteries Division is a member of the North Carolina Cemeteries Association. Administrative offices are located at 1001 Fourth Street, across from Greensboro Police District #1.

Cemetery lots in Forest Lawn, Green Hill and Maplewood cemeteries are sold with provisions for perpetual care. Twenty-five percent of the sale price for a lot is placed in a Perpetual Care Trust Fund to ensure that our cemeteries will be properly maintained in the years to come. All lot sales are governed by rules and regulations adopted by the Greensboro City Council and include the installation of monuments and plantings within the cemeteries. These regulations are designed to protect the interest of lot owners and preserve the natural beauty of our cemeteries. A summary of these regulations is provided upon lot purchase or as requested.

For more information, contact the City Cemeteries Division at 336-373-2160.

  • Burial Index
  • Fee Schedule - City of Greensboro cemetery fee schedule.
  • Forest Lawn - Since 1928, Forest Lawn Cemetery has provided a final resting place for citizens of Greensboro. The cemetery is located at 3901 Forest Lawn Drive, off Pisgah Church Road and is the site of a Veteran's Memorial.
  • Green Hill - One of Greensboro's oldest cemeteries, Green Hill Cemetery has provided a final resting place for residents of Greensboro with dignity and respect since 1882. The cemetery is located in downtown Greensboro, between Battleground Avenue, Wharton Steet and Hill Street.
  • Maplewood - Maplewood Cemetery has provided a final resting place for citizens of Greensboro with dignity and respect since 1918. Located on Bingham Street, off East Market Street, the cemetery is also the site of a Veteran's Memorial.
  • Union - Established in 1880, Union Cemetery is Greensboro's oldest African American cemetery. In 1993, the cemetery was placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior. Although burials have not taken place there since the early 1900s, it remains the final resting place of many Greensboro citizens and an important historic site.


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