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What is ITS?

911 consoleIntelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) represent the next step in the evolution of the nation's transportation system. As information technologies and advances in electronics continue to revolutionize all aspects of the modern-day world, they are also being applied to transportation networks. These technologies include the latest in computers, electronics, communications, and safety systems.

ITS technology maximizes existing capacity, enhances safety, and extends the useful life of the City's transportation system. The proper use of ITS technology can enhance transportation systems without physically altering surface transportation systems. ITS uses advanced electronic systems to monitor traffic conditions, control traffic flow, and provide information to motorists about traffic conditions to help guide pre-trip decisions about mode and route.

How is ITS used in Greensboro?

The City is using several ITS elements to manage traffic. The Traffic Signal System, and Greensboro Traffic Management Center are used daily and during special events to reduce congestion and improve safety.

Greensboro Signal System

Greensboro's initial venture into ITS came with the installation of the City's first signal system in 1974. Signal Systems are the backbone of any Metropolitan ITS. The Signal System has been updated and was completed in early 2014. The Signal System is operated out of the Melvin Municipal Office Building, where the 488 signals throughout Greensboro are monitored and controlled.

Traffic Signals

Greensboro Traffic Management Center (TMC) Greensboro Traffic Management Center

The Greensboro Traffic Management Center is housed in the Melvin Municipal Office Building (MMOB), 300 W. Washington St. 

Traffic Monitoring System

The center's traffic monitoring system consists of eight monitors and a 100-inch large screen projector. Two work stations that can be used to control (pan, tilt, zoom, focus) any of the traffic cameras. There are 17 CCTV cameras located along Greensboro roadways.

Existing Camera Locations

  • Alamance Church & Joseph Hunt Expy. (Old 421)
  • Aycock & Lee
  • Battleground & Cornwallis
  • Battleground & Horse Pen Creek
  • Battleground & New Garden
  • Battleground & Wendover
  • Battleground & Westridge
  • Battleground & Benjamin/Smith
  • Battleground & Benjamin/Cone
  • Battleground & Green Valley
  • Benjamin & Bryan
  • Benjamin & Wendover
  • Bridford & Wendover
  • Bryan & Fleming
  • Bryan & Holden
  • Bryan & New Garden
  • Chapman/Coliseum & Lee
  • Church & Cone
  • Church & Wendover
  • Church & Lees Chapel/Pisgah Church
  • Coliseum & J
  • College/New Garden & Friendly
  • Cone & Lawndale
  • Dudley & Market
  • Edwardia & Wendover
  • Ellington & Back Gate
  • Elm & Cone
  • English & Wendover
  • Fleming/New Garden/Ballinger
  • Florida & Freeman Mill
  • Gallimore Dairy & Market
  • Friendly & Green Valley
  • Groometown/Hilltop & High Point
  • Guilford College & Market
  • Florida & High Point
  • High Point & I-40 WB Ramp
  • High Point & Patterson
  • Friendly & Holden
  • High Point & Holden
  • Holden & Market
  • Holden & Spring Garden
  • Holden & Wendover
  • Cotswold & Lawndale
  • Market & Muirs Chapel/Spring Garden
  • Elm & Pisgah Church
  • Burlington/Penry & Wendover
  • Lawndale & Pisgah Church
  • Spring Garden & Wendover
  • Phillips & Summit
  • Summit & Wendover
  • US 29 & Cone
  • US 29 & Lee
  • US 29 & Market
  • US 29 & Wendover
  • Joseph Hunt Expy. (Old 421) & Pleasant Garden

Dynamic Message Signs

From the TMC, NCDOT controls 19 Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) on the freeway system. These signs are used to alert motorists to a variety of incidents affecting their daily commute.

Greensboro Television Network Traffic Broadcast

On January 4, 1999 the City of Greensboro began airing live traffic information on Greensboro Television Network, using information provided from traffic cameras.

GTN Image

GTN airs live traffic cameras with news and weather Mondays through Fridays from 6-8 am, 12 noon to 1 pm, and 4-6 pm.

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