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GM 911 Dispatcher Recognized for Role in Home Birth
Posted Date: 10/24/2017 9:45 AM
The International Academes of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) has recognized Greensboro Metro 911 (GM 911) dispatcher, Preston Holmes, for his work in providing instructions in helping a caller deliver her granddaughter at home earlier this year. For Holmes’ efforts, the IAED awarded him the Call of the Week, which recognizes dispatchers from around the world who follow established protocol and provide excellent service to both callers and patients in difficult circumstances.

During the six-minute call, Holmes expertly walked the grandmother through step-by-step instructions on how to safely and properly deliver the infant.

“Mr. Holmes’s performance was exemplary, and on top of that, the caller was fantastic,” said Jessica Hutchens, training specialist with Guilford Metro 911, Training Section. “With all the negativity we are sometimes exposed to in this career, it is so nice to hear this happy, positive call. This call is an excellent example of how the emergency medical dispatcher is seamlessly guided through the protocol to [pre-arrival instructions], while giving great customer service throughout the call.”

The caller initially reported that her daughter was “having complications” with her pregnancy, but she quickly informed Holmes, “The baby is coming.” Holmes asked essential information such as how many weeks along the mother was, whether the caller could see any part of the baby and whether the mother was having any contractions.

Holmes dispatched paramedics and reassured her that help was on the way. While waiting for crews to arrive, Holmes continued to calmly instruct the grandmother by teaching her the proper methods of delivery, such as how her daughter could manage contractions and when she should push. During the call, Holmes praised the caller for the way in which she was handling this challenging, significant event.

“Ma’am, I’ve got to appreciate the fact that you’re staying as calm as you are. That’s great. Thank you so much,” he said, as heard on a recording of the call.

Holmes advised the grandmother how and where to hold the baby as she helped deliver it. Once the caller had safely delivered the baby, Holmes told her to clean the baby’s face and mouth with a clean, dry towel and to wrap her in a separate towel. He also taught her to tie the umbilical cord with a cord or string.

Paramedics arrived at this point, and Holmes thanked the caller for following his instructions. He congratulated grandmother and mother on a successful delivery.