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The approved Project Assignment of Local Points document is now available.

This document lists projects that were submitted to the NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT) for federal and state funding. The document also explains the methodology used to identify projects for submittal to NCDOT and gives a summary of the public review process. A listing of projects receiving draft funding at the Statewide, Regional, and Division Needs Tiers is also included. NCDOT's draft State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) will be released in January. The STIP provides a listing of projects funded across the state and includes detailed information on each project. An overview of NCDOT's process for identifying projects for funding is below, under Background.


The Strategic Prioritization Process is the methodology NCDOT uses to rank and identify projects for the fiscal years 2018-27 TIP. TIP includes a listing of transportation projects, their funding sources, and schedule for implementation. The Strategic Prioritization Process is primarily performance-based and includes an evaluation of all modes as well as local input through the Greensboro Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and NCDOT Division 7. The process was initiated in 2009 with Executive Order No.2 under NCDOT’s Transportation Reform.

During 2012 and 2013, NCDOT worked with internal and external stakeholders to revamp the process, driven by House Bill 817, also known as the Strategic Transportation Investments Act (STI). The bill established funding tiers (Statewide, Regional, and Division) and allocations across all modes. Approximately $15 billion from the Highway Trust Fund is estimated to be available to be allocated across the three tiers for capital-related projects for all modes. Operation and maintenance-related projects will not be evaluated under this process and will generally be funded through the Highway Fund.

Prioritization 4.0 will be a primary vehicle for identifying projects for the Fiscal Years 2018-2027 TIP. Prioritization is a multi-modal process, in which Highway, Public Transportation, Bicycle and Pedestrian, Rail, and Aviation project needs will be evaluated. The process will cover newly submitted project needs as well as projects that had been submitted under Prioritization 3.0, but which were unfunded or funded in FY 2021 or later.

Also, Senate Bill 890 requires NCDOT to develop a process for approving local methodologies used by the MPOs and Rural Planning Organization (RPOs). Because of this legislation, all MPOs and RPOs must develop a local performance-based process based on criteria outlined in House Bill 817 (STI). Public involvement is an important component to the development of the local methodologies. The local methodology is the vehicle through which the Greensboro MPO and NCDOT Division 7 can provide local input to NCDOT. The local methodology is outlined in the Draft Project Ranking Methodology document.

Note: Aviation and Rail projects in the Greensboro MPO area are ranked totally based on quantitative data. These projects are categorized in the statewide tier, which does not require local input in the ranking process.    

Last updated: 1/6/2017 10:33:39 AM