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The Draft 2018-2027 MTIP document is now available.

NCDOT released the Draft 2018-2027 TIP in January 2017 and the Board of Transportation adopted the TIP at its August 2017 meeting. The TIP lists projects selected for funding and schedules for right-of-way and construction. The MPO has developed the 2018-2027 Metropolitan TIP (MTIP). The MTIP includes projects in the NCDOT TIP, but only the projects in the Greensboro Urban Area. The Draft 2018-2017 MTIP is available for public review and comment through October 31.

Projects in the MTIP include those developed through the MPO's ongoing Priority Needs Process. The projects reflect those identified in the MPO's Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP). The 2040 MTP is being amended to reflect newly developed projects or changes in project schedules. The 2040 MTP Amendment is also available for public review and comment through October 31.

Please use this online survey to provide feedback and comments to MPO by October 31.


The Strategic Prioritization Process is the methodology NCDOT uses to rank and identify projects for the fiscal years 2018-27 TIP. TIP includes a listing of transportation projects, their funding sources, and schedule for implementation. The Strategic Prioritization Process is primarily performance-based and includes an evaluation of all modes as well as local input through the Greensboro Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and NCDOT Division 7. The process was initiated in 2009 with Executive Order No.2 under NCDOT’s Transportation Reform.

Also, Senate Bill 890 requires NCDOT to develop a process for approving local methodologies used by the MPOs and Rural Planning Organization (RPOs). Because of this legislation, all MPOs and RPOs must develop a local performance-based process based on criteria outlined in House Bill 817 (STI). Public involvement is an important component to the development of the local methodologies. The local methodology is the vehicle through which the Greensboro MPO and NCDOT Division 7.Two Public Review periods were held during the process. The documents released and public comments recieved are provided below.

Public Review Period I (February - July 2016)

MPO Methodology

Recommended Project List

Public Review Period II (July - August 2016)

Assignment of Local Points (includes Public Comments)


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