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Educational Programs
The Field Operations Department offers several opportunities for teachers, organizations, and individuals to learn about recycling and waste reduction. We can tailor a presentation to fit the needs of your group -- all ages -- at our location or yours. 

School lessons and presentations can be taught on a variety of topics relating to waste reduction, from natural resource extraction and low maintenance and low cost backyard composting to the basics of landfills and Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs). Lessons can be adapted to focus on a particular school subject or curriculum standard making recycling education easy and accessible for interested teachers. 

Recycling Facility Tours
What happens to your recyclables once they leave your home? Find out when you visit the ReCommunity Recycling Facility for a live presentation, a video, and a view of the actual sorting process for recyclables. Presentations may last from 15 minutes to one hour, depending on the needs and interests of your group. You must be 18 or older to tour the facility, but accommodations can be made for children to still experience the recycling center. 

Recycling Education in Schools
Recycling is part of the NC core curriculum. By teaching children about the recycling process early, recycling can become a life value. Additionally, when we teach children, we also reach adults - parents, teachers, and other members of the community.

The City of Greensboro's recycling education program is a hands-on presentation that teaches children about the importance of recycling, the meaning behind the three arrows in the recycling symbol, the components of the waste reduction process (the three Rs of recycling), what is recyclable in Greensboro's program, what happens to recyclables when they leave a home, and much more.

Landfill and Transfer Station Tours
What happens to the waste that doesn't get recycled? We also conduct tours of the City's landfill and solid waste transfer station. Groups must have at least 10 participants. 

Schedule an Educational Program or Tour 
Fill out this form and we will be in contact with you in one to two business days.  
Please note that spring is a very popular time of year for recycling education so programs/tours then should be scheduled as far in advance as possible.  

Home School Groups, Families, and Individuals
You don't have 10 participants? No problem!  

The following dates are available for individuals, families, and home school groups to reserve their spot on a tour of the transfer station, landfill, and recycling center:

Registration Required. Space is limited. 

All tours begin at the Transfer Station, then caravan to the White Street Landfill, and finish with the ReCommunity Recycling Center. Families are encouraged to participate in the entire tour, but may leave early. Due to the variability of time we may have to spend at each facility, groups may not join up with tours at the landfill or recycling center at this time.

Most tours will begin between 9-9:30 am and wrap up around lunchtime. We encourage you to bring snacks and drinks (and hand sanitizer) to eat as we travel between sites to prevent students from getting hungry and cranky on this long field trip. 

Here are the address of the sites:

  • Transfer Station: 6310 Burnt Poplar Rd.
  • White Street Landfill: 2305 White St.
  • ReCommunity Recycling Center: 706 Patton Ave. 
Last updated: 9/1/2017 3:43:33 PM