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Automated collectionThe majority of residential waste collection in Greensboro is performed with automated waste collection vehicles. These trucks have a mechanical arm, which the driver operates using controls inside the truck cab. The mechanical arm lifts, dumps, and returns the 90-gallon roll-out trash cart to the curb.

Automated waste collection has several advantages over traditional waste collection methods. One automated vehicle operator can do the same work of the conventional rear loader semi-automated vehicle that uses a driver and two collectors. This helps to keep staffing levels low, increase productivity, and reduce job related injuries.

Since Greensboro uses an automated can collection system, waste that is not in your can cannot be collected. Please do not try to overstuff your can. If your container is over-packed and the lid does not close, litter may spill into the street when the can is lifted. It's also possible that your can will not be completely emptied if the waste inside is too tightly packed.

If you consistently generate more waste than fits in your can, you should consider purchasing an additional can for $50. You may also want to review the City's recycling information to ensure you are not throwing away materials that could be recycled in the brown recycling can.

The automated truck lifts the containers several feet off the ground. Consequently, it is important that your waste be placed in bags before you put it in the can. Otherwise, there may be a litter problem when your container is emptied.

Your garbage and recycling cans should be placed in a location where the mechanical arm can provide safe service. Because these trucks use a mechanical arm, they need a much larger clearing radius than other vehicles. Basketball goals, automobiles, and other possible obstructions should not be in the street on your collection day.

To ensure service collection, make sure:

  • Your can is at the curb by 7am on your collection day
  • Cans are at least five feet apart from each other
  • Cans are not next to mailboxes, cars, or other obstructions
  • No part of a basketball hoop overhangs an area where the truck will travel
  • Your garbage has been placed in a garbage bag before being placed in the can
  • The lid on your can is closed
  • There is no yard waste in your green or brown can
Last updated: 11/6/2014 2:10:02 PM