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What is an attached home?
Attached homes are typically townhomes or patio homes. The official definition from the ordinance is: two or more units sharing a common wall (excluding floor and ceiling) which each unit generates no more garbage per week than can be placed or stored in a maximum of two automated containers totaling a combined capacity of no more than 180 gallons when accumulated between collections.

Does every attached home community automatically qualify for service?
No. To qualify for service, the City must be able to collect trash and recycling from the community using the same automated collection vehicles used for single family homes. Manual collection of refuse and recycling has not been proposed or approved at this time. Street parking and lack of sufficient street turn-arounds are frequent reasons why a community does not qualify for service.

I currently pay a private hauler to collect my trash and my community meets all the eligibility criteria. Do I have to keep paying the private hauler?
Check your existing contract carefully. You may or may not be faced with a penalty if you terminate your contract early. The City will not pay a termination fee on your behalf. In addition, City service does not begin immediately, even if your community does meet the eligibility criteria.

Once my community has been approved, when will service begin?
North Carolina law requires a minimum 15-month waiting period from when a public announcement is published in the newspaper to when City collection service can begin. If service were to begin before that time, the City would be required to make an economic loss payment to the private company that is displaced.

I think my community qualifies. How do I request an evaluation?
If you think your community may meet the eligibility criteria, ask your property manager to call Sheldon Smith, Solid Waste Collections division manager, at 336-373-4379.

Last updated: 11/6/2014 2:23:56 PM