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Promoting quality growth throughout Greensboro with professional and knowledgeable staff, outstanding customer service, and innovative problem-solving.

The Planning Department is charged with promoting the sound growth and development of the City of Greensboro. We work with our residents, businesses and community partners to create a vision for the future of Greensboro, lead programs that strengthen neighborhoods, encourage economic development and support our quality of life.  


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Management, Zoning Administration, Historic Preservation, Comprehensive Planning, Neighborhood and Strategic Planning

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Redevelopment Commission of Greensboro - Canceled

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This regular meeting of the Redevelopment Commission of Greensboro has been canceled.

A special meeting will be held at 5 pm Wednesday, June 19, in the Transportation Conference Room of the Melvin Municipal Office Building. 

The next regular Redevelopment Commission meeting is scheduled for July 3.

The Redevelopment Commission of Greensboro (RCG) is made up of five City residents, appointed by City Council for five-year terms. It meets the first Wednesday of each month. Three members constitute a quorum and a majority of the members present may take action on any matter under consideration. Special meetings may be called by the chairperson with 48 hours notice.

The RCG carries out activities subject to the consent, approval, and policies of the City of Greensboro and in accordance with Community Development Block Grant Applications and Programs, Redevelopment Plans for locally funded redevelopment projects, and / or state and local laws.

Any individual with a disability who needs an interpreter or other auxiliary aids, please contact Olivia Byrd at 336-373-2986. To request services needed, please make the request 3-5 days prior to the meeting/event. For additional information or assistance, please contact Donna Gray, ADA Coordinator at 336-373-2723.


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