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The best outdoor wedding packages in the Greensboro area have just gotten better. Offering a spectacular view of various flowering annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees, the Chandler Wedding Gazebo at Tanger Family Bicentennial Gardens accommodates a maximum of100 guests and is wheelchair-accessible.

With convenient access to restrooms and parking, this elaborate gazebo area makes an ideal backdrop for weddings, small events, and photos. Electricity is available at this site and restrooms and parking are located nearby. The Sensory Garden and Woodland Stream area, which accommodates up to125 guests, is a short walk from the Chandler Wedding Gazebo and is great for outdoor receptions.

The Sensory Garden not only offers a long, beautiful stone sitting wall with plants that engage all five senses, it also has stunning views of the Woodland Stream water feature. With relaxing sounds, movement, and texture, the Woodland Stream is exquisite from spring to late fall. Electricity is optional at this site, so please contact the site supervisor. Restrooms and parking are located nearby.

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