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The best outdoor wedding packages in the Greensboro area have just gotten better. Across town at the Greensboro Arboretum, Tanger Family Wedding Gazebo in the Winter Garden Collection is an ideal location for any wedding or special event. Surrounded by woods and colorful seasonal plantings, this area includes electricity and accommodates 150 guests.

Restrooms and parking are located nearby.

The Butterfly Garden and Fountain is ideal for summer events with a fountain and pool centered among butterfly-shaped beds filled with seasonal color. Electricity is available and the area accommodates 250 guests. The fountain is inactive from November through April. Restrooms and parking are a quarter of a mile away.

The Kaplan Family Rose Garden is a quaint location in contrast to other larger, City-owned venues. The garden consists of a wood and metal arbor design that is the symbol of the Arboretum with climbing roses on the arbor and shrub roses surrounding it. There is no electricity at this site and it is limited to smaller ceremonies of no more than 30 guests. Restrooms and parking are about a half-mile away.

Within a short walking distance from the Kaplan Family Rose Garden are the Hart Chimes, which are located in the Ground cover Collection of the garden. This area features a natural stone and brick paver walkway through a canopy of mature trees with a large variety of ground cover plants surrounding 25-foot tall chimes. This area accommodates 50 guests and has electricity available. Restrooms and parking are about a half-mile away. 

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