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The best outdoor wedding packages in the Greensboro area have just gotten better. The Blue Stone Patio and Lawn behind the Visitor Center features a beautiful 1,800-square-foot patio area and can accommodate100 guests. The adjacent lawn is ideal for large tents and additional seating. Both areas combined accommodate up to 250 guests. The Blue Stone Patio includes electricity, but the lawn does not. Restrooms and parking are located nearby. The Book Stage area features an elevated “stage” in front of the “Once Upon a Time” book wall. This area includes electricity and accommodates about 80 guests. A stone seat wall provides additional seating. Restrooms and parking are located nearby. The Heritage Garden and Plaza features a stunning 25-foot tall bronze sculpture fountain that is encircled by a 8,000-square-foot stone terrace, is adorned with vibrant plants and flowers. This area also includes electricity and accommodates150 guests. The fountain is inactive from November through April. Adjacent to the Heritage Garden and Plaza is the Great Lawn. This large, grassy field is an excellent location for any special event or occasion. Electricity is available, however it is the furthest point from the parking lot and restrooms. Seating capacity for this area is 500 guests.

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