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SCAT Will Offer New Door-to-door Service for Riders

Post Date:01/28/2019 11:25 AM

Greensboro Transit Authority, operator of the Specialized Community Area Transportation (SCAT) will soon launch a new travel option for paratransit riders with I-Ride by SCAT. Beginning Friday, February 1, ambulatory riders can choose to take door-to-door trips using cars, vans and SUV’s driven by a team of specially trained drivers. Similar to SCAT buses, riders will be escorted to their vehicle and driven to their reserved destination for a flat fare by people trained in disability sensitivity and response. Unlike the shared-ride SCAT bus, I-Ride offers “Independent Mobility”, using appropriately assigned vehicles to carry the rider directly to their destination. These trips will not stop to pick up and discharge other passengers, allowing a faster trip and greater capacity for personal items. In addition, users of I-Ride can reserve a ride in as little as 2 hours as opposed to 24 hours with SCAT.

The cost of a trip on I-Ride is a flat $6 for travel anywhere within the city limits of Greensboro. Payment is made at the time of reservation using a credit or debit card. As on SCAT, personal care assistants (PCA’s) can ride with their client at no charge. Additional guests can ride for the same flat rate.

“I-Ride serves as another innovative way GTA is offering effective and efficient public transportation services,” says Kevin Elwood, Marketing and Communications Manager. “For persons with disabilities who are comfortable with travel by car, they can access employment, medical, education or other services much faster without the exchange of cash or tickets.” Launching as a six-month pilot program, I-Ride contracts with Richmond-based UZURV and is built on the ride-hailing model made popular with Uber and Lyft. Although reservations initially will be accepted by phone only, online and app-based reservations may come in the future.

GTA, as will all transit systems that receive Federal funding, is required by the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act to offer complementary transit services to the local community. The combination of SCAT and I-Ride by SCAT will continue to meet this mandate while reducing wait and travel times for riders. More information on I-Ride is available at the GTA website.

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