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Cyber Security Advisory: Juice Jacking May Compromise Your Mobile Phone

Post Date:02/17/2020 1:04 PM

Juice jacking is a common term that refers to compromising your mobile device through public charging stations, like ones you in airports, malls and coffee shops. Hackers have been installing special USB devices that contain Malware in public charging stations.

When a phone is plugged in to charge, a piece of Malware is automatically downloaded and installed onto the phone. The Malware then gives hackers the ability to access your mobile device remotely and capture your activities; including your email and online banking credentials.

Here are some safeguards to protect you from falling victim to juice jacking:

  • If you see a prompt on your phone to "Trust this device" or "Allow this device to access photos and videos" when you plug it into a public charging station, immediately unplug your phone. Getting this prompt, when you're only trying to charge your phone, indicates that the charging station is attempting to access your phone.

  • Use USB data blocker. This is a tiny device that connects to your charging cable and only allows power to be passed to your phone from the charging station.

  • Another option, if you don't wish to use a USB data blocker, is use a power-only USB cable. This blocks data from being passed to your phone from the charging station.

  • If you use an Android device, download and install TotalAV from the Google Play store. This app will detect and block Malware that may try to infect your phone.

  • If you use an Apple device, there is no need for an Anti-Malware app.
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