Doing Business in Greensboro

Greensboro boasts a strong economy, with a growing and skilled workforce, a competitive business environment, and easy access to major markets.

The City has a wealth of programs and activities to assist businesses, large and small. Links on the left will take you to information about doing business with the City, funding opportunities, zoning, and permits.

A Sampling of Our Services

Our Commitment

Our job is to help Greensboro continue to grow as a great place to live and work. We welcome everyone who wants to invest in the City.

As investors go through the City’s development review process, construction review process and building inspections, disagreements may occur about what the City’s ordinances, regulations or policies require. These processes do include formal appeal procedures to address such situations. However, an Assistant City Manager is always available to hear any concerns you may have. Call 336-373-2002.