What Residents/Homeowners Need to Know

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What do you need help with?

Information/Requests/Applications  ~  Plan Review, Permitting, Inspection Schedules  ~

Water/Sewer for Residential Lots  Resources  

Information, Requests & Applications

When do I need a permit? Can I do my own work as a homeowner? 
    ~ Residential construction basics 
    ~ Electrical testing information for homeowners 
    ~ Homeowner electrical exam application

What are the applications and procedures I need to know about?
    ~ Residential building application 
    ~ Residential accessory building 
    ~ Demolition of a structure 
    ~ Energy Efficiency Certificate 
    ~ Changing use from residential 
    ~ Other related requirements 
    ~ Building permit FAQs

How do I request a Zoning Letter for zoning verification or compliance, DMV approval, family or group care home reservation?

What if I need an Easement Release? 
    ~ Process Flowchart 
    ~ Application and fee information 
    ~ Planning Board meeting schedule

What if I need Board of Adjustment (BOA) consideration? 
    ~ BOA meeting schedule 
    ~ Fees 
    ~ Process Flowchart 
    ~ Application for Variance 
    ~ Application for Special Exception 
    ~ Application for Appeal 
    ~ Application for Interpretation

What about building and site work in a local historic district? 
    ~ Historic District Program for Dunleath, Fisher Park and College Hill 
    ~ Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) Application 
    ~ COA application instructions 
    ~ Historic Preservation Commission meeting schedule 
    ~ Historic district FAQs

What if I need a home-based childcare inspection? 
    ~ R-3 childcare up to five children in home 
    ~ R-4 childcare 6-15 children in home

Is my lot in a flood zone?  
    ~ Floodplain map 
    ~ National Flood Insurance Program and Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) 
    ~ FIRM Panel dates
    ~ Flood damage prevention - click here for more information about flooding  

Do I need an Elevation Certificate? - click here for related water/wastewater/stormwater requirements and here for flood zone determination information

Developing a property in a flood area? You may need Floodplain Development Permit Application. - click here for flood information and here for related water/wastewater/stormwater requirements

Plan Review, Permitting & Inspection Schedulers

What is a Residential Plan Review?

How can I track my plan review?

What permit fees may I need to pay?
    ~ Building Permit Fees 
    ~ Electrical Permit Fees 
    ~ Mechanical Permit Fees 
    ~ Plumbing Permit Fees 
    ~ Building Permit Fee Calculation Worksheet 
    ~ Energy Efficiency Rebate Request

How can I schedule a building inspection online or by phone

Water & Sewer for Residential Lots

~ How do I connect to water and/or sewer service if there is none?

What fees may I need to pay?
    ~ Meter Fee Schedule 
    ~ Capacity Use Fee Schedule 
    ~ Application for service and fee estimation - click here for related water/wastewater/stormwater requirements 
    ~ Applicable Capacity Use Fees 

What if my lot is located outside City limits? 

Are there hydrant meter applications, charges, fines?



City Municipal Code

Land Development Ordinance (searchable, interactive)

NC Building Codes

Zoning map 

Infrastructure and planning mapping information

Watersheds Map - area covered by Municipal Watershed Ordinance (click here for related water/wastewater/stormwater requirements)

Guilford County GIS

Planning issues brochures in English and Spanish

Guilford County Register of Deeds

City Driveway Manual

Rules and regulations for the City’s Water and Wastewater System

Contractor licensing verification websites list