Opportunity Zones are census tracts, consisting primarily of economically distressed communities, where new private investments may be eligible for preferential tax treatment under certain conditions.

The Opportunity Zone program, created as part of the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, allows investors to defer, reduce, or eliminate unrealized capital gains if they reinvest them in designated zones.

Explore Greensboro's Opportunity Zones

Ten low-income census tracts in Greensboro, as shown on the map below, have been approved by the US Treasury Department as Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZs). (Census tract #128.03 extends into Guilford County to the east of the city limits.) 

Search for individual addresses using this interactive map tool to see if a property is located in an Opportunity Zone.


Opportunity360 Measurement Reports
(a Web-based tool created by Enterprise Community Partners that maps, measures and reports on individual QOZs)
Check out the strengths and opportunities of each Greensboro QOZ below:

Tract 102                Tract 111.02
Tract 103                Tract 112 
Tract 108                Tract 113
Tract 110                Tract 114  
Tract 111.01           Tract 128.03

Greensboro's QOZs overlap with various areas previously designated by the City for investment and reinvestment. View these intersections in totality or individually on these maps:

Looking for a project?

The City is working with partner organizations to identify and market real estate and business investment opportunities in Greensboro's QOZs. For inquiries about investing in:

~ Redevelopment Areas, contact Dyan Arkin at 336-433-7377  and view these available properties

~ Downtown Greensboro, contact Downtown Greensboro Inc. at 336-379-0060 and view these real estate offerings.

~ East Greensboro, contact East Greensboro NOW at 336-275-1101.

~ Industrial, office, and commercial development throughout Greensboro, contact the Greensboro Area Chamber of Commerce at 336-387-8301 and view these  real estate offerings.  

Looking for funding?

The National Council of State Housing Agencies has created an Opportunity Zone Fund Directory that provides descriptions and contact information for publicly-announced funds that have been formed for the purpose of attracting investment in Opportunity Zones.

Looking for more information?

NC's Opportunity Zones Program 

Opportunity Zone FAQs

Treasury Department's Opportunity Zone Regulations