Becoming a Certified Firm

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For M/WBE program participation, a business must be state-certified
as a minority-owned (MBE) or a woman-owned (WBE) business.

These two state agencies can handle the certification application process for you: NC Department of Administration and the NC Department of Transportation.

becoming certified


Note: NCDOT calls its state-certified businesses Disadvantage Business Enterprises - DBEs - which is the same as MBEs and WBEs.

To begin the state certification process, visit either of these websites: 

Learn more about the state certification process by watching What is North Carolina Certification? and How to Get Certified.

Review this list of state required documents that must be submitted when applying for certification.

Certification Requirements

To become a state-certified M/WBE business, you must:

  • Demonstrate at least 51 percent ownership, management, and control on a day-to-day basis by a woman or minority, including African-American, Hispanic, Native American
  • Complete a detailed application
  • Provide ample documentation to support the claim of a minority- or woman-owned business
  • Be available for a personal interview or site visit, if requested.

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