Becoming a Certified Firm

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For M/WBE program participation, a business must be state-certified
as a minority-owned (MBE) or a woman-owned (WBE) business.

These two state agencies can handle the certification application process for you: NC Department of Administration and the NC Department of Transportation.

becoming certified


Note: NCDOT calls its state-certified businesses Disadvantage Business Enterprises - DBEs - which is the same as MBEs and WBEs.

To begin the state certification process, visit either of these websites: 

Learn more about the state certification process by watching What is North Carolina Certification? and How to Get Certified.

Certification Requirements

To become a state-certified M/WBE business, you must:

  • Demonstrate at least 51 percent ownership, management, and control on a day-to-day basis by a woman or minority, including African-American, Hispanic, Native American
  • Complete a detailed application
  • Provide ample documentation to support the claim of a minority- or woman-owned business
  • Be available for a personal interview or site visit, if requested.

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