Looking for work? Need more skills? Have jobs to fill at your business?

We can help.

Our office is the administrative and service arm of Guilford County’s NCWorks Career Centers located in Greensboro and High Point. The professional staff at these centers can help you:

  • Make local connections to employers and community resources
  • Provide you with career counseling and life-skills training
  • Help you find work.

For job information, call 336-882-4141 or text “JOBS” to the same number, and follow the prompts to get connected to a career advisor who can help you.

If yours is a business that has immediate hiring needs, text "HIRE" to 336-297-9444. If you have questions about legislation concerning small businesses, call the same number.

About us.

The Office of Workforce Development is an entity of the City of Greensboro government. We sponsor all program services and operations within the Greensboro/High Point/Guilford County Workforce Development Board (WBD). This board is commonly…and appropriately…referred to as GuilfordWorks. GuilfordWorks provides free assistance for both job seekers and employers.

A key part of our work is managing the NCWorks Career Centers:

  • 2301 W. Meadowview Rd., Greensboro
  • 607 Idol St., High Point.

Each center offers one-stop resources for under-employed or unemployed adults and young adults ages 16-24, helping them find work and learn skills that lead to career progression and gainful employment.

Our goal.

Together – our office, the centers and GuilfordWorks – are committed to providing integrated, customer-focused services that benefit your personal future and that of our community’s economic development.