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The City of Greensboro is made up of many departments or functions that provide a wealth of services to the residents and businesses of Greensboro. Several City departments are located at the Melvin Municipal Office Building, 300 W. Washington St. Others are located in satellite facilities throughout the City.

City Organizational Chart


Budget & Evaluation
Director: Jon Decker
The Budget and Evaluation Department prepares the City's Operating Budget and Six-Year Capital Improvements Program.
Phone: 336-373-2291
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Director: Matt Brown - Bio
The Greensboro Coliseum Complex features an arena, War Memorial Auditorium, Special Events Center ACC Hall of Champions, Greensboro Aquatic Center and White Oak Amphitheatre.
Phone: 336-373-7400

Communications and Marketing
Director: Carla Banks - Bio
This department coordinates the City's internal and external communications functions, including operating Greensboro Television Network, serving as official liaison with the news media, maintaining the City's website and intranet site, and providing marketing, writing, editing services, graphic design and printing services.
Phone: 336-373-3769
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Community Relations
Contact: Donna Gray
This division, which is part of the Legislative Department, is the primary contact for public requests and complaints. Staff serve as liaison to City Council for addressing residents' inquiries.
Phone: 336-373-2723
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Contact Center
Contact: Lorrie Reid
Call anytime, Mondays through Fridays, 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, to find answers to your questions and for help with concerns about City services.
Phone: 336-373-CITY (2489)
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Engineering & Inspections
Director: Kenney McDowell - Bio 
The Engineering and Inspections Department works with other City departments to provide safe and reliable public infrastructure, homes, and workplaces, and to create healthy and attractive neighborhoods. The Inspections Division issues building permits for all construction projects in the City. 
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City Manager: David Parrish - Bio
The Executive Department is made up of the City Manager's Office, Economic Development and Business Support, Internal Audit, Minority and Women's Business Enterprise, and Workforce Development.
Phone: 336-373-2002
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Field Operations
Director: Dale Wyrick - Bio
The Field Operations Department handles garbage and recycling collection, seasonal services such as leaf collection, and maintenance of streets, storm water, parks, and right-of-ways.
Phone: 336-373-CITY (2489) 
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Financial & Administrative Services
Director: Rick Lusk - Bio
The Financial and Administrative Services Department includes accounting, collections, financial reporting, treasury management, procurement services, and equipment services.
Phone: 336-373-2077
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Fire Department
Director: Chief Bobby Nugent - Bio
The Greensboro Fire Department provides fire, medical, hazmat, and technical rescue response within the City limits. It also provides the public emergency management and preparedness information.
Phone: 336-574-4088
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Guilford Metro 9-1-1
Director: Melanie Neal - Bio 
Guilford Metro 9-1-1 provides a central location for City and Guilford County public safety communication needs. The department includes 9-1-1 Emergency Communications and the Technical Division, which handles 800 MHz radio for Greensboro, Guilford County, Burlington, and other Triad agencies.
Phone: 336-373-2933
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Human Relations
Director: Love Crossling Jones - Bio
The Human Relations Department promotes mutual understanding and fair treatment among all residents of Greensboro.
Phone: 336-373-2038
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Human Resources
Director: Jamiah Waterman - Bio
The Human Resources Department provides a comprehensive program of personnel support services and consulting to all departments and agencies in conjunction with employee committees and in collaboration with other departments.
Phone: 336-373-2020
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Information Technology
Director: Jane Nickles - Bio
The Information Technology department provides leadership in implementing, supporting and delivering technology solutions that align with organizational goals and objectives. Its purpose is to serve as enablers and facilitators of technology for internal and external clients. The eight divisions are administration, application services, computer operations and billing, enterprise business services, GIS, network services, IT security and public safety.
Phone: 336-373-2490
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City Attorney: Charles Watts
The Legal Department provides expert legal advice and representation to the City, its public officials, and employees on a broad range of issues.
Phone: 336-373-2320
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Contact: Angela Lord
The Legislative Department is made up the City's governing body, the City Clerk, Community Relations, and Elections.
Phone: 336-373-2397
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Director: Brigitte Blanton - Bio 
The Greensboro Public Library offers an extensive collection of premium online resources and services, as well as books, magazines, music, and more. Many classes are offered and experts are available to help you find information. The library also oversees requests for public records.
Phone: 336-373-2471
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Neighborhood Development
Director: Stan Wilson - Bio
The Neighborhood Development Department is responsible for minimum housing and code compliance, including the minimum housing commission, and addressing homelessness issues and federal grant programs.
Phone: 336-373-2349 
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Parks & Recreation
Director: Nasha McCray - Bio
The Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department provides diverse year-round leisure opportunities for Greensboro residents.
Phone: 336-373-2574
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Director: Sue Schwartz - Bio
The Planning Department focuses on short- and long-range planning and development issues, including updating the City's comprehensive plan, overseeing corridor studies, and coordinating the capital improvement planning process.
Phone: 336-373-2144
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Director: Chief Brian James
The Greensboro Police Department safeguards lives and property, respectfully enforces the laws of the land, and works cooperatively to lessen the impact of crime on the lives of residents and visitors to Greensboro.
Phone: 336-373-2496
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Director: Hanna Cockburn  
The Greensboro Department of Transportation (GDOT) plans, constructs and maintains transportation infrastructure and operates municipal transit.
Phone: 336-373-GDOT (4368)
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Water Resources
Director: Mike Borchers
The Water Resources Department provides safe, dependable drinking water and wastewater treatment, as well as meter reading, billing, and maintenance of water and sewer lines. The Stormwater Division works to alleviate flood-related problems, improve and monitor water quality in streams, and assist residents in resolving drainage issues.
Phone: 336-373-CITY (2489)
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