Capital Improvements Program (CIP)

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What is the CIP?

South Elm-Eugene Street 1The Capital Improvements Program (CIP) is a financing and construction/acquisition plan for projects that require significant capital investment. The CIP, which is updated annually and submitted to and adopted by City Council, specifies and describes the City's capital project schedules and priorities for the 10 years immediately following council adoption. 

 How is the CIP funded?

Some CIP projects are funded through annual operating funds, such as the General Fund (Capital Reserve Fund) and the Water Resources Fund. In these cases, CIP and the City's annual adopted budget are directly linked. Projects funded through debt financing -- typically voter-authorized bonds -- also impact the annual budget through ongoing debt service expense.  These projects can be tracked by viewing the Bond Tracker.

Some completed CIP projects directly impact the annual budget because they require ongoing expenses for staff and other operating costs. Fire stations and recreation facilities are good examples of this.

CIP Documents and Map

For questions about the CIP, please contact the Department of Budget and Evaluation at 336-373-2291.