Community partners Board

Regular meetings of the Community Partners Board members are held on the second Monday of every month at 5:30 pm in the Greensboro Department of Transportation conference room on the third floor of the Melvin Municipal Office Building.

Community Funding Partners Board Meeting Minutes

City of Greensboro Nonprofit Funding

The City of Greensboro is no longer accepting applications for the fiscal year 2018-19. The next funding application process is under City Council review. The dates and deadlines for the upcoming fiscal year 2019-2020 process will be updated as soon as possible.

Application Process

Local nonprofit organizations that would like to request funds from the City of Greensboro should apply to the Community Partners Board. The board consists of nine residents, appointed by City Council, who review and score agency funding requests and recommend to the City Manager which organizations should be granted funds. Ultimately, City Council determines which nonprofits are funded when it adopts the annual City budget.

To qualify for funding, an organization must be a federal 501 (c)(3), as verified by the Internal Revenue Service, and be on “current-active” status to conduct business for at least one year in North Carolina, as confirmed by the NC Secretary of State. Organizations must also submit audited financial statements.

Agencies that meet the minimum requirements will be evaluated on the basis of organization capacity, collaboration, and how well they meet the City’s five main goals:

  • Promoting economic development opportunities and job creation.
  • Maintaining infrastructure and providing sustainable growth opportunities.
  • Promoting public safety and reducing crime.
  • Achieving exceptional customer service and a diverse government workforce.
  • Ensuring fiscal stewardship, transparency, and accountability in City government.

There is no guarantee that organizations will be funded. Review the most recent projects funded by City Council.

How to Apply for Funding

The deadline to apply for funds for in December each year.

1. Read the full Application Instructions and Information.

2. Download the Community Partners Funding Application to your computer. Save a copy, then fill it out.

3. Fill out Application Pages for Additional Performance Measures, as needed.

4. Submit your application via e-mail, by mail or in person. See Application and Instructions Information for details.