Participatory Budgeting Projects

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Quarterly Project Updates

Updated through January 2020:

Implementation for Cycle 3 winning projects cannot begin until after City Council approval is given for the FY 20-21 budget which starts July 1, 2020.

Interactive Project Map

See quarterly updates on all voter-approved projects. Completion dates are estimates. The Project Map is best viewed full screen. Need assistance on using it? See map tips below.

Map Tips 

There are several options to interact with the project map: 

  1. Select List in the header to scroll through a project spreadsheet.
  2. Select Map, then click on a specific project ID to see the project update.
  3. Select Media to scroll through a presentation of all projects

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Program History

Cycle 1 (Pilot) Fiscal Year 2015-2017
Cycle 2 Fiscal Year 2018-2019
Cycle 3 Fiscal Year 2020-2021