What Projects Can Be Funded

Capital projects or programs can be funded through PB. Capital projects are one-time expenses that often involve infrastructure improvements. PB funds are not for on-going expenses, such as those that fund staff salaries and services, and cannot contradict exist City plans. Project costs are limited to $100,000 per City Council district.

In general, projects must be:

  • One-time expenditures 
  • A benefit to the public 
  • Implemented by the City on City property, such as streets, parks, libraries, recreation centers, or municipal buildings
  • Within the City's legal authority and supportive of a core City service
  • Neutral with respect to religion or politics

PB funding cannot be used to:

  • Make a grant to a nonprofit organization
  • Hire additional staff
  • Fund projects on Greensboro Housing Authority,
    Guilford County Schools or private property. 

Examples of Projects

  • Improvements to public playgrounds and parks
  • Installing accessibility ramps on public property
  • Renovating public buildings
  • Creating a gardening class at a local park
  • Hosting a fire safety educational workshop