Participatory Budgeting Voting


When to Vote

The next round of PB voting will be October through November 2019, as part of PB Cycle 3.


Any City of Greensboro resident age 14 and older may vote in the Participatory Budgeting Process. Residents may only vote for projects in their designated City Council District. This interactive map can help you determine which Council District you live in.

Proof of residency must be presented when you vote. Proof of residency may include:
  • Government-issued IDs, including green cards
  • Student or school IDs or school records that show your home address
  • Bills, bank statements, paychecks, leases or titles that show your home address
  • Residency letter from a homeless shelter or halfway house.

Note: The PB voting cycle is not affiliated with Greensboro municipal election, in which members of City Council are elected by registered voters. For information about the City Council election, contact the Guilford County Board of Elections.