No Parking on the Grass 2The City of Greensboro Cemeteries Division has overseen the operation of City cemeteries for more than 130 years. Today, the division operates four public cemeteries.

The Cemeteries Division is responsible for:

  • Maintaining burial records
  • Selling lots and graves
  • Providing burial and interment services
  • Coordination of all activities within the cemeteries
  • Care and maintenance of the cemetery grounds

Cemetery lots and graves are sold with provisions for perpetual care. Twenty-five percent of the sale price for a lot or grave is placed in a Perpetual Care Trust Fund to ensure that our cemeteries will be properly maintained in the years to come. All sales are governed by rules and regulations adopted by the Greensboro City Council and include the installation of monuments and plantings within the cemeteries. These regulations are designed to protect the interest of lot and grave owners and preserve the natural beauty of our cemeteries. A summary of these regulations is provided upon lot purchase or as requested.

The Cemeteries Division is a member of the North Carolina Cemetery Association.