Maplewood Cemetery

Maplewood Cemetery is located off E. Market Street on Bingham Street and is one of two City cemeteries with a Veteran's Memorial.

Maplewood Cemetery Gate

Features and Amenities

  • Pre-arranged services
  • Perpetual care provided
  • Veteran's Memorial
  • Security fencing and Greensboro Police patrols provided
  • Regulations exist for monuments and plantings

This cemetery was established in 1918 to provide a burial space for the City's African American families after the close of Union Cemetery. Prior to that time, African American burials were taking place in a segregated section of Green Hill Cemetery. The first burials took place on February 6, 1918. By December 1, 2007, there were no spaces available for sale. With the help of the City engineering department, three areas within the cemetery were identified that would allow for expansion and provide additional burial spaces. Since then, two additional expansions have taken place.

There is currently burial space available for sale at Maplewood. Cemetery lots and graves are sold with provisions for perpetual care. Twenty-five percent of the sale price for a lot or grave is placed in a Perpetual Care Trust Fund to ensure that cemeteries will be properly maintained in the years to come. All sales are governed by the rules and regulations adopted by the Greensboro City Council.

What's Happening at Maplewood Cemetery

Each year, in celebration and recognition of US veterans, a private group sponsors a Flags in Service for Memorial Day. This event is held the Saturday before Memorial Day starting at 9 am. Volunteers are welcome to attend to help with the flags. 

The City Cemeteries Division is a member of the North Carolina Cemetery Association.

Maplewood Maps

Maplewood Cemetery Section Map