What we do:

  • Operate the City's government cable channel, Greensboro Television Network (GTN) and Contact Center
  • Act as spokesperson for the City
  • Assist other City departments with marketing efforts and special events or projects
  • Hold news conferences
  • Maintain the City's website and intranet site with real-time information
  • Offer marketing, writing, editing and media relations services
  • Provide cost-effective creative design and printing services to City of Greensboro, Guilford County, and City of High Point departments through our Graphic Services Division 
  • Provide background information for news stories
  • Serve as the City's official liaison with the news media
  • Write and distribute news releases, brochures, and internal and external newsletters.

Communications and Marketing Department staff members:

Carla Banks, Department Director, 336-373-3769

Communications Division
Jake Keys, Division Manager, 336-373-2105     
    Debby Davis, Communications Specialist, 336-373-3640 
    Amanda Lehmert, Communications Specialist, 336-373-7786
    Lana Skrypnyk, Communications  Specialist, 336-373-3282
    David Theall, Communications Specialist, 336-373-2270

Greensboro Television Network (GTN)
David Brown, Division Manager, 336-412-6311 
    Carlos Castellanos, GTN Associate Producer, 336-373-6922 
    Joshua Johnson, GTN Associate Producer, 336-373-7939
    Devon Smith, GTN Associate Producer, 336-412-6325

Graphic Services
Lisa Pitts, Division Manager, 336-373-2013
    Mary Brookshire, Graphic Services Asst. Mgr., 336-373-2824 
    Carol Allen, Printing Services Generalist, 336-373-2825 
    Ryan Beeson, Graphic Services Specialist, 336-373-2825 
    Eddie Sheene, Graphic Services Generalist, 336-373-2825 
    Shirley Hall, Mail Clerk, 336-373-2201 
    Brianna Lowe, Mail Clerk, 336-373-2114 
    Ebony McCoy, Mail Clerk, 336-373-2202

Contact Center
Lorrie Reid, Division Manager, 336-373-3269