Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Greensboro Television Network (GTN) and who can watch it? 

GTN is the City of Greensboro's government television station. A service of the Communications and Marketing Department, GTN is available to subscribers of AT&T U-verse, North State, and Spectrum (TWC) in Guilford County, with the exception of the City of High Point. (The City of High Point has its own channel.) 

I live in Guilford County, but not in Greensboro. Can I still watch GTN?

Yes. Spectrum (TWC), North State and AT&T U-verse broadcast throughout Guilford County, although High Point and Jamestown have their own channel, channel 8. GTN's signal is digital and no longer carried as an analog channel. To receive GTN on Spectrum (TWC), you will need either a digital cable box or digital converter.  


 Spectrum (TWC)

North State 

 AT&T U-verse


 Channel 13 or 1303 with a digital box

 Channel 31

 Channel 99

How is GTN funded? 

GTN is partially funded from revenue generated through the franchise agreement with Spectrum (TWC). The franchise money goes to the state where it's distributed to local government channels. The franchise charge is listed on your Spectrum (TWC) bill.

What does GTN do? 

GTN seeks to keep residents informed by producing programs about City government and its services. It also provides live coverage of Greensboro City Council and Greensboro Zoning Commission meetings. Guilford County produces its own meetings and GTN passes the signal to Spectrum (TWC) and AT&T. All televised meetings are replayed in their entirety on a schedule from the day the meeting airs live through the following weekend.

Can I get my video on GTN? 

GTN is a City government channel. If your event or video is not sponsored or co-sponsored by a City department or division, it can not be aired on GTN. For further information, please refer to our policy. Public events and videos can be aired on Greensboro's public access station, Greensboro Community Television (GCTV, channel 8). GCTV is not affiliated with GTN.

How do I request a copy of a video? 

Call 336-333-6922 to request a copy of a video for a nominal fee of $10 per DVD. Multiple requests for shorter programs will be combined (if possible) onto one DVD. Video quality is adjusted for each DVD to help maintain the best image quality.