What happens when you call?

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Single Call Service Center

When a City Services Representative gets your call, he or she uses a City-developed computer system to store the information and pass it on to the people who can help you resolve your concern.

Through this technology, CSRs can gather important information that helps the City respond to your call:

  • the location of the problem
  • your name
  • your situation or concern, and
  • any information necessary to call you back with follow-up information.

GIS ViewerUsing a GIS-enabled map, CSRs can find the location of the problem and mark the spot, sending a small map image to the person who receives the work order. They are also able to review the current status of work orders so that they can follow-up as needed.

This system allows the CSRs to quickly and efficiently pass information to multiple departments in the City so that your questions are answered and work is done as quickly as possible.

In addition to this primary technology, CSRs use several other methods to answer your questions. They can also access utility billing information for water accounts, search phone directories, browse the City’s website and the Internet.

Since the inception of the Contact Center in 2004, CSRs have processed more than one million calls.


The City's Contact Center has been recognized by the National League of Cities as a program that other cities can emulate.