Preliminary / Courtesy Commercial Review

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For complex commercial projects, informal reviews of plans may be arranged in order to address major code impacts early in the design process. This can include all trade reviewers, if needed. Contact the Chief Plans Examiner to schedule a preliminary review.

Review Time:
At scheduled time. No permit issued.

Codes Used:
2018 North Carolina Building Code 
1994 North Carolina Modular Home Code
2018 North Carolina Plumbing Code
2018 North Carolina Mechanical Code
2017 North Carolina Electrical Code
2018 North Carolina Energy Code
2018 North Carolina Existing Building Code
2018 North Carolina Fuel Gas Code

No cost.

Designer Requirement:
Designed plans are not required, but are helpful. The more complete a plan is, the better the consultation will be. All comments, suggestions, code research, and discussion are informal. A formal review will be required for the issuance of a permit.

Contractor Requirement:
Not applicable at this time.

Not applicable at this time.