Property Management

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Engineering Division The Property Management Section of the Engineering and Inspections Department performs real estate functions for the City of Greensboro. It works with all City departments to provide property and buildings for their use. Services provided include: 

  • Purchase properties for City facilities. Properties include vacant land for new facilities such as parks or libraries, or land with buildings to be renovated for new uses such as the J. Douglas Galyon Depot.
  • Purchase land for right-of-ways and easements. Land may be purchased as a right-of-way for street and sidewalk construction.
    Other land may be purchased as easements to allow burial of water
    and sewer utilities.
  • Sell surplus property. Properties the City does not need may be
    sold. Properties may be small remnants, but foreclosed or obsolete
    properties will be included. Vacant land, including buildable lots,
    are the most common property offered for sale.
  • Manage lease contracts for City facilities. Some City facilities,
    such as the Bellemeade Parking Deck and the Depot, contain
    commercial spaces leased out by the City.
  • Respond to public questions and concerns about City-owned
    The primary concern is property being leased, sold, or
    purchased by the City.

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