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Use GSO Collects below to learn what goes where, download collection schedules, and more.

GSO Collects App Icon_rounded Get the GSO Collects App. Never miss trash or recycling pickup!

GSO Collects allows you to set reminders for your collection days, so you won't forget to put out your yard waste, recycling, or that old chair you've got taking up room in the garage. The app will also notify you if there is any service change due to holidays or winter weather. 

Where do I recycle plastic bags and wraps?

Check the Recycling Guide below to see what we collect in Greensboro! Print this guide. 

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Find out when your recycling will be collected during holiday weeks!

What you hold in your hand is often a resource, not trash. 

After you are done with your bottles, cans, paper, and more, those items can be remade into new items. Greensboro recycled nearly 57 million pounds of material last year and it all came from your decision to place a bottle or can or newspaper into the recycling bin instead of sending it to the landfill. 

Greensboro has a long history of putting recycling first.

Our city was one of the first communities in the United States to use automated collection -- a truck with a mechanical arm -- to empty recycling containers. We were also one of the first to allow commingled recycling, where all recyclable items are placed into the same container and separated at the recycling facility. 


Cart Spacing: 5ft from objects


Recycling Matters in Greensboro.

The difference that recycling makes is a big deal and it starts with small actions. Recycling does a lot of good, like:

  • Supporting local jobs
  • Keeping prices lower on goods you buy every day
  • Conserving energy
  • Producing less pollution
  • Protecting our environment
  • Providing revenue for the City
  • Helping offset the costs of collecting solid waste
  • ...and keeping your tax bill lower

Your Bottle Means Jobs.

Recycling your plastic bottles supports our local recycling industry and regional manufacturers who turn that plastic into goods. 

Your Bottle Means JobsLocal companies use recycled plastic to create products like yarn, carpet and pipes. Yet North Carolinians throw out about 70 percent of our plastic bottles instead of recycling them. The Carolinas Plastics Recycling Council estimates that 300 jobs could be created if every household in the Carolinas recycled two more bottles each week.