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Recycling is as easy as 1-2-3 in Greensboro!

Greensboro was one of the first cities in the country to adopt automated recycling collection. That makes it easy for residents to recycle in your brown recycling cart -- as long as you remember a few rules about what the city accepts in recycling:

ONLY recycle these items:

  1. Paper & cardboard
  2. Metal food and drink cans
  3. Plastic bottles, tubs, and jugs

All items must be empty, clean, dry, and loose in your recycling can. 

View and print your schedule here

Download and print our NEW recycling guide. Scratching your head about whether an item is recyclable or not? Use the Waste Wizard in the GSO Collects tool to find out what goes where!

What's changing?
Why change?
Why no glass?
What do I do with my glass?
What if I keep putting glass in my recycling?
What do I do with my excess recycling?

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 Together, we can keep Greensboro recycling.