Business Recycling

Recycling for Businesses

Start recycling at work! In North Carolina, about 60 percent of solid waste comes from local commercial and industrial businesses. But we can change that by reducing our waste, reusing items when possible, and recycling what we can. The goal of this recycling program is simple: to take recyclables out of the trash can and put them into a recycling container.

Business recycling collection is available from the City, but you must provide your own dumpster. While there is a small fee for this service, most companies find that recycling saves money. Some businesses have saved 30 percent on waste removal costs by diverting their recyclables from a garbage container to a recycling dumpster. Contact a sales representative at 336-335-5444.

Learn what can be recycled.

Your recyclables may not be picked up if your dumpster is contaminated with garbage or other unacceptable materials. Contamination occurs when any material that is not on the City's list of recyclable items is placed in your recycling dumpster.

Are you an industrial or manufacturing business that generates unusual waste? Try searching the NC Recycling Markets Directory for companies that specialize in recycling common and not-so-common materials. You may also try posting a free message at the North Carolina Waste Trader, a marketplace for surplus materials. Both of these websites are sponsored by the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources.