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No Straw November

Break the plastic straw habit during November...and beyond!

Restaurants, bars, and other organizations interested in pledging to reduce their straw use, should fill out this form to receive a No Straw November kit!

Did you know?

microplastics-including-microbeadsMillions of plastic straws are used daily. Many end up in our waterways where they harm wildlife, impact water quality, and add to pollution.

Plastic straws also contaminate recycling because they are too small to capture and make into new products. Ultimately, straws reduce the value of other recyclables and end up in landfills.

Because plastic does not biodegrade, nearly every piece of plastic ever made still exists. Over time, plastics break into increasingly smaller pieces called microplastics, which ultimately find their way up the food chain and into our seafood and drinking water. Your individual actions can make a big difference. Read on to find out how.

Reduce plastic straw use

Greensboro No Straw November LogoThe City's Waste Reduction and Recycling Division of the Field Operations Department and the Water Resources Department are partnering with No Straw November, a national campaign to help reduce plastic straw use in communities.

Direct mailers are being sent to straw-using establishments in Greensboro to educate owners about the importance of reducing single-use plastic.

The first five food or beverage establishments that contact us before November 1, 2018 with interest in participating in the campaign will have the chance to be part of our pilot program during the month of November.

How YOU can make a difference

no plastic straws

You can participate in No Straw November by saying no thanks to plastic straws and other single-use plastics at drive-throughs, restaurants, bars, and at home.

Let business owners know that you are interested in seeing fewer straws.

Print out these to give to staff and management.

No Straw November events

The City is hosting these events to celebrate No Straw November:

  • November 6
    City Council's official Resolution of November as No Straw November.
  • November 8
    Tour the Transfer Station, the garbage hub of Greensboro.
    Registration required.

  • November 10
    No Straw November Kick-off in the Park
    Join the City of Greensboro and local organizations supporting No Straw November. Visit us from 3 pm to 5:30 pm for games, activities, resources, information, and more!

    Bring your blanket and chairs for a screening of STRAWS the movie at 5:30pm.

    3-6 pm, Center City Park, 200 N. Elm St.

    This event is free.

  • November 13
    Tour the Landfill, a permanent resting place for waste.
    Registration required.
  • November 15
    America Recycles Day--Tour the Recycling Center, where old stuff becomes new stuff.
    Registration required.
  • November 16
    Tour the Transfer Station, the garbage hub of Greensboro.
    Registration required.
  • November 28
    Join us at the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market to celebrate No Straw November
    8 am to 1 pm, 501 Yanceyville St.
  • November 28
    Tour the Recycling Center, where old stuff becomes new stuff.
    Registration required.
  • November 30
    No Straw November Cleanup at Lake Daniel Park
    2-4 pm, 410 Mimosa Dr, Greensboro, NC 27403
    All necessary supplies will be provided. 
No Straw November partners

Greensboro establishments are urged to join other establishment that are already using paper straws:

  • @ Elm St. Grill 
  • 1618 Downtown
  • 1618 Midtown
  • 1618 Seafood Grille
  • Bender's Tavern
  • Cincy's
  • Crafted the Art of Street Food
  • Crafted the Art of the Taco
  • Dram and Draught
  • GIA Drink.Eat.Listen.
  • Jersey Mike's--State Street Crossing
  • KVegas Cues and Brews
  • Lao Restaurant + Bar
  • Libby Hill--Cotswold Ave.
  • Mac's Speed Shop
  • Meerkat Cafe--Geensboro Science Center
  • Rio Grande--Friendly
  • Rio Grande--New Garden
  • Santa Fe Mexican Grill--Gate City Blvd.
  • Scuppernong Books
  • Taqueria El Azteca
  • The Corner Slice at Fisher Park
  • The Bearded Goat
  • The W Downtown 
  • Undercurrent

If your establishment is already using plastic straw alternatives, please fill out this form and let us know so we can add you to our list.

Questions? Please contact the City's Waste Reduction and Recycling division of the Field Operations Department or Water Resources Department.