Recycling education comes to you

Use the GSO Collects tool to learn what goes where, download collection schedules, and more. Or download GSO Collects from the app store for convenient access to these features.
Garbage in the recycling
How a cart is tagged
Tracking cart tags
I got a sticker on my cart, what does it mean?
Contamination Notice Postcards
Recycling Best Practices

If you have any additional questions regarding the #RecycleRight campaign, please do not hesitate to contact us

Also, remember that carts cannot be left at the curb. Please follow the 7-7-7 Rule:

  • Put your container at the curb AFTER 7 pm the night before your service day.
  • Get your container to the curb by 7 am AT THE LATEST on your service day.
  • Bring in your container in by 7 pm AT THE LATEST on your service day.