SSW stormwater

The Field Operations Department is responsible for stormwater maintenance issues, but the actual stormwater program is handled by the Water Resources Department. Visit the Stormwater Services website for more information.

Open Channel Maintenance
The Open Channel Maintenance section performs stream maintenance projects and preventive maintenance activities. This includes cleaning, clearing, and restoration of streams and channels, ditch work installation and other erosion control measures and maintenance functions related to open channels. The crews also perform pipe maintenance construction projects, catch basin top replacements, and manhole ring and cover repairs. 

Pipe Drain Installation
Pipe maintenance crews perform new construction and repair projects as well as preventative maintenance activities on the City's closed storm water infrastructures. This includes new pipe installation, repair and upgrades of existing pipes, pipe cleaning projects, catch basin cleaning and repair, manhole repair, erosion control projects, spill/hazard responses, cave-in projects, and other miscellaneous maintenance functions.