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Commercial Dumpster

The Field Operations Department provides trash collection services to commercial and multi-family developments that have dumpsters.

There is a charge for this collection service, but the City's rates are competitive with the private sector.

Commercial Dumpster Service Guide & Fees Brochure

Service Options
City of Greensboro
Service Contracts
No Usually
Reasonable Fees
Excellent Customer Service
Yes  Sometimes
Recycling Yes Sometimes 
Free Christmas Tree Collection
Yes No

Service Guidelines

Collection Day:
Garbage dumpster service is available one to six times per week. The location of your business and current routing may determine which days are available in your area. Extra or unscheduled dumpster collection is also available for a fee. Please call the Commercial Account Representative at 336-335-5444 for more information.

Prohibited Items: Yard waste, appliances, tires, batteries, paint, liquids, medical waste, and hazardous waste should not be placed inside dumpsters. You may be denied service if any of these items are found in your dumpster.

Dumpster Access: If gates enclose a dumpster, they must be opened by 5 am on your service day. Please make sure no vehicles are blocking the dumpster.

Dumpster Placement: The Field Operations Department must approve a dumpster site for safety and accessibility before service begins. Before ordering a dumpster, contact a sales representative at 336-335-5444 for a free inspection.

Missed Service: If your dumpster is not serviced, call the Contact Center at 336-373-CITY (2489). Please note that if your dumpster contains prohibited items or is blocked, it will not be serviced until your next collection day.

Account Questions: If you have questions about your account or any correspondence from the City, contact the Commercial Account Representatives at 336-335-5444.