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History of GFD - 1926-1951

The first department head of the now professional Greensboro Fire Department as of June 1st, 1926 is Captain Frank D. Shaw. Capt. Shaw maintains that all should live to serve, and when it is practical, service to one's own city is as noble an undertaking as can be found.

"In any line endeavor, the element of sacrifice is present, making constant demands upon those who would be faithful to their work.

Firefighting is no exception. The fireman who is truly conscientious must be prepared to undergo hardship, even lay down his life for the principles her has sworn to uphold. The fireman is not greatly different from the soldier. His enemy is just as real as ever faced a soldier on the field of battle, and the lengths that must be gone to cope with that enemy are just as great."

Information above is quoted from The Fireman, Circa 1926.