Frequently Asked Questions

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What documentation is needed to complete the application?

• Valid Drivers’ License    • Birth Certificate    • DD-214 (if applicable)

As an applicant, you are asked about your educational history and work history. If you receive a contingent job offer, educational, work and criminal records are required through a thorough background check. Falsification of any of this information would cause you to be removed from the hiring process or terminated, if hired.

How long is my application valid?

Applications submitted and accepted from January 1 through July 31 will expire on July 31 of the following year. Applications are not considered “accepted” until all required documentation has been received. Upon acceptance, applications are forwarded to the Training Division of the Greensboro Fire Department.

If you successfully complete the Firefighters’ Abilities Test (FFAT) and are not selected for employment, your application will remain valid for one year. Applications from individuals who fail any portion of the FFAT process will expire immediately.

Can I run the FFAT anytime?

Scheduled, supervised practice sessions are offered once your application has been accepted. See Preparing for FFAT for more information on the abilities course.

If I reapply, do I have to provide all of the same documentation again?

If you choose to reapply for a position within the Greensboro Fire Department, you will need to submit all information as if you were applying for the first time.

When will the next Fire Recruit Academy begin?

Dates for future classes have not yet been set. However, applications received between January 1 and July 31 will be processed for testing that is conducted in April and September, in anticipation of the next class. If your application is scheduled to expire prior to the September testing, check the Hiring Process page for information concerning the application process.

How long do Fire Recruit Academies last?

The Greensboro Fire Academy is a six-month training course.

What is the starting salary for a Fire Recruit?

The starting salary is $35,994 per year.

Is there an age requirement or limit to be a firefighter?

An individual must be at least 18 years of age at the time application to the Greensboro Fire Department is made. There is no age limit for applying to be a Greensboro Firefighter.

Do you have to have some fire training or fire background to apply?

No prior fire experience is necessary or required.

What will improve my chances of being hired?

Think about what might make you stand out from the crowd. Have you done anything to show that you are really interested in being a firefighter, such as getting your EMT certification or taking fire-related classes? Do you live in an area near a volunteer fire department that you could join to see what fire service is about? What do you know about fire service? What do you know about the City of Greensboro?

If I have my EMT certification, will I have to take it again during the academy?

If you are certified through the National Registry and/or NC and have maintained your continuing education training hours, you will not have to be recertified. If you are certified through another state you may or may not have to be recertified, depending upon the reciprocal agreement NC has with that state.

If I have completed my Firefighter I and II certification, will I have to complete the same training as someone without the certifications?

Yes. The Greensboro Fire Department Academy teaches the basic Firefighter I and II courses. Additional classes taught include Incident Command Training, Basic Pump Operations, Rescue Technician Training, several other areas of study and Greensboro Fire specific material that is not taught in the basic Firefighter I and II classes.

Does the Greensboro Fire Department do ride-alongs?

Yes. See the Public Education Request Form for more information.

Does the Greensboro Fire Department accept lateral transfers?

Not at this time.