Preparing for FFAT

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Preparing for the Firefighter's Abilities Test - FFAT

Each event must be performed in the order specified below. 
This is a timed test. 

Pulling HoseEvent 1: Hose Load Carry / Stair Climb

The abilities test starts at the base of our fire drill tower. The timer will start when you pick up the high rise pack. You will carry the hose pack (42 pounds) in any manner up the drill tower interior stairs, five stories (48.5 vertical feet), and deposit it into the blue square marked on the top floor. Handrails may be used in climbing the tower. When descending the tower, you must use the handrails. When ascending and descending the tower, contact must be made with every step.

Event 2: Hose Hoist

A 45-pound donut roll of large diameter hose and 1/2-inch kern mantle rope is used for this event. You are not allowed to stand on anything other than the top platform while hoisting. The evolution is complete when the roll clears the railing at the top of the tower and is placed on the platform. The donut roll must stay on the top platform. When descending the tower, you must use the handrails and contact must be made with every step.

Event 3: Forcible Entry

The forcible entry evolution uses the Keiser Force Machine™, a chopping simulator. Using the nine-pound shot mallet provided, you must drive the 160-pound steel beam a horizontal distance of five feet. Pushing, raking or hooking the beam is not allowed; only the head of the mallet is allowed to strike the beam. The handle must not come in contact with the beam at any time.

Event 4: Hose Advance 

You must pick up the nozzle end of the 1 3/4-inch charged hose line and drag it a distance of 75 feet. Once the nozzle crosses the threshold 75 feet away, you must place the nozzle on the pavement.

DraggingEvent 5: Victim Rescue

A 165-175 pound mannequin must be dragged backwards a distance of 100 feet. Carrying the mannequin is not permitted. Time stops when you and the victim completely cross the finish line.

Note: The Course Marshal, at his sole discretion, may stop any applicant who, in the official’s opinion, creates or is in a dangerous or unsafe condition.

Task Completion

All applicants are personally responsible for the completion of each task. No course volunteer has the authority to instruct an applicant in the negotiation of the events on the course. Only the Course Marshal can intervene or direct the actions of an applicant. In those rare situations where the event staff may have created an impediment, the options to rectify this situation may include a deduction in time to remedy the hindrance.